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Restretch Rippled Carpet

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Restretch Rippled Carpet

Most carpeting, when it's installed, is only stretched flat with a tool that the installer hits with his knee because it's the fastest method; this fails to get it as tight as needed to prohibit later loosening. I stretch carpet with a large tool known as a power stretcher; it gets it trampoline-tight and guarantees flatness for years to come.

Wavy carpets are a problem not only because they are unsightly, but because they also present a danger of someone tripping. If left for long, it can shorten carpet life, since yarn tends to wear off the raised carpet ridges sooner than the low, flat areas.


power stretcher rippled carpet

We have the tools, such as power stretchers, and the experience, to get rid of the ripples that can come with time.


This is a power stretcher, which is the correct tool for installing carpet. Many times, carpet is not originally installed using this tool, which leads to problems.


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